Te-lah-nay’s Wall part 2

If you haven’t read  part 1, I recommend doing that first:

Te-lah-nay’s Wall part 1 

My Mother was in the hospital in Arkansas and I went to visit her there.

I spent a few minutes with an amethyst cluster and a hammer, breaking it up into individual points.

A couple of years ago, I cleared some land down in south Georgia. There had been, among other things, a battle between the Creek and Cherokee over the land. They never buried the Cherokee dead, their Spirits were trapped on the land without a ceremony to set them free. I sang each of them a funeral song and allowed them to go. Then, finished clearing the land.

You’re thinking “Dwight, that’s all very interesting, but what does any of that have to do with the wall?”

Glad you asked, I drove to Arkansas so that I could visit Te-Lah-Nay’s Wall on the way.  I hadn’t been there for a few years and had work to do there.

I put a couple of pieces of the amethyst in the wall, the points and pieces of amethyst remaining are now connected to the most powerful place of the Divine Feminine I know. In part one, I talked about doing that with a stone, and giving pieces of that stone to women who needed to connection to the Divine Feminine. I had run out of those pieces over the years. Now, I’ll do the same thing with amethyst points.

The work I had to do? Two of the Spirits from the clearing in south Georgia didn’t want to go up. They wanted to go to Te-Lah-Nay’s Wall. So, with their permission, I put them in two stones and kept them on my mesa [altar] until I could make the trip. These two stones:

I had wondered why two male Spirits wanted to go to the wall, until one of my clients, a woman, said “They’re female Spirits.” In the immortal words of Homer Simpson ” D’oh”. Of course, I assumed the battle involved only men, that’s never really been true at any point in history. There’s a lesson about how deeply rooted sexism is my psyche, that’s for another post.

So, took them to the wall, burned some Palo Santo, did a short  ceremony, hid the stones in the wall so that no one would take them, and set them free.

It was glorious. They both came out of the stones exuberant and playful. They both raced back and forth along the mile of the wall. They both showed themselves to me as  protective warriors of the Divine Feminine.  They both were smiling and grateful as I turned to leave.

The way of the Shaman has many gifts. This was one of them.

I could not stay as long as I wanted to, I needed to drive to my family.

Te-Leh-Nay’s Wall is a healing place, I recommend making the 5 hour drive from Atlanta to visit it.

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