What I do

What I do is help people heal by getting them in touch with their own inner healer.

All this work can be done remotely, as well as in person.

Presiding over a re-commitment ceremony.

House Blessings & Land Blessings

Moving into a new house can be a trying time. The previous owners may have, along with a few boxes, left traces of their energy. This is particularly true if very negative things have happened in the house.

With a house blessing, using sage, drum, rattle and intention, I clear the energy from the earlier occupants so that the house can be truly yours.

I move from room to room, rattling , drumming and saging, opening every door, visiting basement and attic as well, clearing out all of the old energy. Before I leave a room, I give it a blessing.

I also put protections at all the openings to the outside--doors, windows, fireplaces, vents--to keep anything negative from returning.

The process usually takes about an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the physical size of the house and how much negative energy has to be moved.

Once the blessing is done, the house is now yours energetically. It can become a home.

Land Blessings are the same process for land rather than buildings.

Pricing information on the contact page.

Private Sessions

I work with individuals as well as groups. When I work with you as an individual,  every session is unique and guided by  your needs.  Most sessions are between an hour to two hours long.

There are times I recommend working outdoors to allow  nature a chance to heal your Spirit. Other times may require a journey or a meditation designed for your situation in the moment.

I will listen deeply. I will also put you in touch with your own inner wisdom, clearing away the noise of the modern world so that you can hear the wise still small voice inside you once more.

Many times I will lead you on a shamanic journey. A shamanic journey is a deep guided meditation that allows you to access your own deep wisdom. It can be focused on what ever the person needs- healing, past lives, finding Spirit animals.

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Ceremonies & Rituals

The older cultures knew the value of setting aside time to mark significant events. They had many different ceremonies and rituals that allowed one to sink into sacred space and honor the moment. Our culture doesn't do that, although the need for ritual shows up in how elaborate we make the rituals we do allow ourselves--weddings, graduations and funerals.

As a shaman, I create ceremonies and rituals that work in the modern world. Each ceremony is carefully tailored to the individual.

I have created retirement ceremonies, divorcement ceremonies, healing ceremonies, forgiveness rituals, solstice ceremonies, equinox ceremonies and many more.

They all are designed to put you in the moment, to honor what is happening in your life and help you connect with the Spirit of the Universe, however you perceive that Spirit.

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Workshops and Shows

I do many workshops and shows during the year.  You'll see a list of currently planned events on my "Where I'll be" page.

These give you a chance to meet me and experience my work. I also have shamanic tools for sale, which you can see on my "What I make" page.

If you sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of this page, I'll let you know where I'll be and send reminders a week or so beforehand. Promise not to sell or give your email to anyone else.

Pricing information on the contact page.

Shorter comments people have made about my work.

"The hug (during the journey) was like every hug I've ever had rolled into one." R.L.

"I was never able to connect with my higher self until my journey with you." D.B.

"One of these days, Dwight, I'm going to dedicate a book to you for your encouragement." C.H.

"Thank you for the amazing guidance yesterday. Your gift shimmers with truth." L.S.

My personal favorite, two days after setting protections for someone:

"This shit works!" L.B.


I also set psychic protections for people. These can be as simple as someone who annoys you at work to focused direct attacks that can have gone on for generations. I think of a curse as focused negative energy, while a blessing is focused positive energy.

I can help you with all of it. I can also teach you how to protect yourself as well. As with many shamanic techniques, they are simple yet profoundly useful.

Pricing information on the contact page.

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