Where I'll be

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Pine Lake Makers' Holiday Studio Show

 I'll have my collection of Spirit Arrows, Spirit Bowls, Urban Driftwood and more for sale.

I'll also have a large selection of stones I have mined-Quartz Crystals, Rose Quartz , Black Tourmaline and Geodes- for sale

I will be offering my Intuitive Feather Readings, $20 for 15 minutes.


This is December 7th-8th. From 11-6 on Saturday the 7th and then from 11-5 on Sunday the 8th. This will be over several different artist's homes in Pine Lake.

For example, Lalah Maley of Extraversions Jewelry will have her home on 506 Spring open. Many people have complimented me on the Quartz necklace I wear, Lalah is the one who wrapped it.

I'll be at 4561 Forrest Road, Pine Lake, GA, 30072, which is the old City Hall Building. You can start there, we'll have maps, and tour the city.
Free to attend.
More information and directions here.

December 21st

I'll give more information about this later, just wanted to let you know where I'll be. I'll be doing a burning bowl ceremony for the solstice at Serenity salt cave.