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Meet Your Higher Self Workshop

This is  Saturday December 21st , from 6:00 to 7:30.
It's at Serenity Salt Cave and healing center.  The address is 2415 Heritage Village #3, Snellville, GA 30078

Investment: $25.00

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Start the year by both giving up those things that no longer serve and by inviting in the new. There is an ancient practice of celebrating the New Year by a burning bowl ceremony- writing down what you want to be rid of and what you want to invite into your life; then using the trans formative power of fire to set your intentions to do those things.

Dwight will set sacred space for the work, then lead everyone on a centering meditation, followed by two rounds of the bowl. The first will be to write that which you want to give up for the new year, the second will be to invite in the new.

After the meditation, you will take a few minutes to write down those things that you want to give up, then, as mindfully as possible, we will burn the slip of paper in the bowl. There will be a short break, we will then write down things we want to attract to us. And repeat the burning. There will be a chance to share, if you wish, what you asked for, then Dwight will give everyone present a shamanic blessing to take with them.

This is a wonderful way to begin the new year afresh and to set your intentions for the coming year


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